Donald Trump to permit discharge of classified JFK files from 1963 murder

Never-before-seen classified records on the assassination of John F Kennedy that could change everything.

John F Kennedy and wife Jackie descend the stairs from air force One

US President Donald J. Trump states susceptible to receipt of more information, he intends to permit the opening of lengthy-secret files around the November 1963 murder of President John F Kennedy.

Politico magazine earlier quoted Trump administration along with other Government officials as saying Obama would probably block the discharge of knowledge from a few of a large number of classified files, that the US National Archives is a result of making public by an October 26 deadline.

“Subject towards the receipt of more information, I'll be allowing, as President, the lengthy blocked and classified JFK FILES to become opened up,” President Trump stated inside a tweet.

Kennedy, the 35th president of America, was wiped out in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

The alleged lone assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was charged with the crime but wiped out by Jack Ruby 2 days later.

US President John F. Kennedy slumps down

The Terrible footage, possibly the favorite amateur film ever taken, demonstrated as soon as Kennedy was shot dead before cheering crowds, sitting alongside his wife Jackie.

The murder sparked numerous conspiracy theories, with lots of believing several people fired in the president and there was a protective cover-up.

Oswald was stated to possess shot on the sixth floor of the book depository behind the president’s motorcade.

However, many doubters claim the fatal bullet which struck Kennedy within the mind made an appearance to possess been fired from the position while watching vehicle.

US President Donald Trump says he will release the JFK files


Saudis night out at the movies

Saudis crave revival of night out at the movies

RIYADH: The lights venture out, the projector whirls and entertainment-starved Saudis permeate plush seats to absorb an event they've been denied for many years -- a visit to the cinema.

The rare movie night now in Riyadh would be a precursor for an expected formal lifting of the kingdom’s ban on cinemas, lengthy vilified as vulgar and sinful by religious hardliners.

Carrying out a decree allowing women they are driving, government bodies have hinted cinemas would soon be allowed included in ambitious reforms for any publish-oil era that may change the austere kingdom’s cultural scene.

“Cinema is much like the soul of Saudi society,” stated Faisal Alharbi, director of “National Dialogue”, 1 of 3 short films screened for an audience packed into the capital’s King Fahd Cultural Center.

“It makes people really, an expression that belongs to them endures screen.”

The cavernous hall was segregated by gender in the free screening -- the most recent in a number of shows since This summer.

A food truck hawking grilled burgers was parked outdoors and also the audience was offered areas of Arabic coffee in thimble-sized plastic cups.

When the ban ends, medical student Sultan expects cinemas with the trappings from the modern movie experience, including vending machines producing popcorn and cotton chocolate.

“I expect the film theatres are going to be crowded constantly, Inches the 19-year-old audience member told AFP.

Paradigm shift

Reviving cinemas would represent a paradigm transfer of the dominion, that is promoting entertainment included in a sweeping reforms plan dubbed “Vision 2030”, despite opposition from conservatives.

Hardliners, who see cinemas as a menace to cultural and non-secular identity, were instrumental in shutting them lower within the 1980s.

Saudi Arabia’s greatest-ranking cleric cautioned in The month of January from the “depravity” of cinemas, saying they'd corrupt morals.

But government bodies seem to be shrugging from the threat, with a few evaluating Saudi Arabia’s reform drive to some fast-moving bus -- either people jump in or risk being left out.

Saudi Arabia in recent several weeks has organized concerts, a comic book-Disadvantage popular culture festival along with a mixed-gender national day celebration that saw people dancing within the roads to thumping electronic music the very first time.

A ban on cinemas doesn't seem sensible in age YouTube, filmmakers say.

Saudi films happen to be making waves abroad, online to bypass distribution channels and often the stern gaze of condition sensors.

“Wadjda”, by Saudi female director Haifaa al-Mansour, made history in 2013 after it grew to become Saudi Arabia’s first Academy Award entry.

The show depicts the imagine a ten-year-old girl to obtain a bicycle similar to the boys in her own conservative neighborhood.

This season, the nation is again vying to have an Oscar using the film “Barakah Meets Barakah”, the kingdom’s first romantic comedy which premiered at the Berlin Worldwide Film Festival.

“Without cinemas, the country’s wealthy creative talent will die,” Hisham Fageeh, the film’s lead actor, told AFP.

“Saudis require a nuanced cultural identity outdoors the prism of faith.Inches

‘Cinemas make us human’

The federal government is yet to formally announce to start dating ? for ending the ban, but already the hashtag “cinemas opening in Riyadh” is gaining traction on social networking, as memes swirl online showing people imagining booking their cinema tickets.

The expected reform stems partially from your economic motive to improve domestic paying for entertainment because of the kingdom reels from the protracted oil slump.

Saudis splurge vast amounts of dollars yearly to determine movie shows and visit theme parks within the neighboring tourist hubs of Bahrain and Dubai.

Without cinemas, purchase of films is not likely to flourish and also the depiction of society won't move past the foreign portrayal of Saudis as extremist or culturally primitive, filmmakers say.

“Cinemas can make us feel human,” stated Ali Kalthami, co-founding father of C3 Films and Telfaz11, which supplies comedy videos online.

Kalthami’s film “Wasati”, or moderate in Arabic, is dependant on a genuine-existence event within the mid-1990s when several ultraconservatives disrupted a play in a Saudi college.

The show was screened for just one night captured in the same theatre in which the play was shut lower.

Back at King Fahd Cultural Center, Alharbi’s “National Dialogue” was viewed with a rapt audience.

The show addresses the social dilemma of youthful Saudis battling to obtain the right match.

It dramatizes an encounter within the roads between an unrelated man along with a lady, both checking one another out without speaking.

They seem to love one another, however, in the film’s denouement, the person rejects the lady, knowing her to become immoral after she lifts her veil to provide him a glimpse.

Alharbi stated the show meant to promote dialogue between your genders - and also the screening did exactly that.

Because the lights came on, the raucous crowd of males erupted into cheers. These were intensely booed through the female audience.


Las Vegas shooting: Terror on Las Vegas Strip after deadly shooting spree

Mandalay Bay casino gunman fires on Route 91 festival

POLICE say one suspect is ‘down’ after gunfire ripped through an outdoor concert at a Las Vegas casino, with reports of 100 injured and at 20 dead. WARNING: Graphic

A lone gunman opened fire at the open-air Route 91 festival, unloading hundreds of rounds of ammunition from a room high up at the Mandalay Bay casino complex.
Witnesses say the shots appeared to come from a balcony on the adjoining casino, aimed at the crowd of 30,000 people on the ground below.

Las Vegas Police have confirmed a suspect has been killed and confirmed they believed there were no more active shooters.
The gunman was firing from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay, a spokesman said during a media address. Police used explosives to blast their way into the casino room where the gunman was situated.

The dead suspect has been identified as an un-named local, and Police are seeking the gunman’s partner - named as Mari-Lou Danley. Two cars have been identified for the search, and police have appealed for anyone with information to come forward.
“We have well in excess of 100 plus injured, and 20 plus that have died," the spokesman said.

Concertgoers reported seeing “multiple injuries and fatalities”, with people being shot around them as they fled the concert grounds on foot.
Pictures taken at the scene showed revellers cowering in the street or running in terror, as well what appeared to be several bodies lying prone on the ground.

“Nurses said this all began with pair of officers running into UMC trauma entrance, helping carry a woman who was shot. Then, rush of patients,” a reporter for the Las Vegas Review Journal tweeted.
Local media reported a triage centre was being set up at Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana Avenue.

Police report they had packed squad cars with injured in order to get them to hospital. “I am transporting 5 critical patients in my car,” one distraught officer was heard to say.
Heavily armed SWAT teams have taken up positions around the multistorey building, sealing it and the area off.
Part of the Las Vegas Strip and buildings remain in lockdown as police work to ensure the scene is safe.


Professional poker player and Instagram star Dan Bilzerian, who was at the concert, said on his IG story that he saw the shooting unfold and witnessed a girl getting shot right in front of him.
“Holy f-k this girl just got shot in the f-king head,” Bilzerian said.
“So f-king crazy…So I had to go grab a gun, I’m f-king heading back…Some kind of mass shooting…Guy had a heavy caliber weapon for sure…Saw a girl f-king get shot in the face right next to me, her brains f-king hanging out.”

In one video, an eruption of semiautomatic firing can be heard as the band plays. The band then breaks off as panic spreads.
“Oh my God, something’s happening. Get down, get down,” one woman can be heard saying.

Australian Brian Hodge, who was born in Wagga Wagga but now lives in the USA, said he was forced to take cover in the bushes outside the Mandalay Bay hotel when the shooter opened fire.
“I’m OK, hiding in bushes, ran outside the hotel,” he told News Corp Australia from outside the hotel.
Hodge, who is in Las Vegas with his staff, said that he expected to remain in hiding for a while.
“It’s going to be a long time before I get to a safe place, this place is in lockdown,” he said.

Jon Bessette told NBC news he was attending the Route 91 music festival when he heard gunshots around 10pm local time. “The band ran off stage and it was pandemonium,” Bessette said. “Everyone was running, people were getting trampled.”
Artists performing at the open-air concert have tweeted their alarm at the shooting.
“We heard a round of (fire from) a machine gun, and people just started dropping,” an eyewitness of the shooting told NBC News. “As people were running people were shooting ... no-one was safe.”

“They were firing from somewhere high, and they were unloading clip after clip after clip after clip,” a witness told Nathan O’Neal, a reporter for a local news station, KSNV News.
“It was hundreds of shots ... There were bullets flying everywhere. Everybody was running. It was really, really bad,” he said.
“They were firing from somewhere high and they were unloading clip after clip after clip. Multiple shooters, has to be.
“There were obviously people hit. We saw one getting CPR in a truck.

“It sounded like two firecrackers ended up being hundreds of shots. It sounded like a firecracker and then didn’t sound like a firecracker. “
His female companion described the chaotic scenes in the concert:
“There bullets ricocheting around my feet because we all got on the floor, crawling out, rushing. I just thought it was something technical, something wrong with the stage then everyone started rushing out,” she said.

Twitter user StreetBeetle told Newshub a friend, who used to be in the military, “knew instantly it was an automatic weapon”.
He said there’s “lots of panic” and the hotel had sent people to the basement and to their rooms.
“It still seems very nuts. The MGM is now on lockdown and everyone is crying and panicking.”


Authorities have shut down part of the Las Vegas Strip and Interstate 15.
Mandalay Bay is on the south side of the Vegas strip, across from McCarran International Airport.
The Route 91 Harvest Music Festival was in its final night, in an open-air performance venue across the street from the casino.
McCarran International Airport tweeted that several flights had been diverted, but it has since “temporarily halted” all flights in and out of the airport.


Australian authorities are making urgent calls to determine if any Australians have been caught up in the attack.
“The Australian Consulate-General in Los Angeles is making urgent inquiries with local authorities to determine whether any Australians have been affected by a shooting incident at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas,” a Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade spokeswoman said.

She urged Australians who had concerns for the welfare of family and friends in the Las Vegas area to contact them directly.
“If you are unable to contact them and still hold concerns for their welfare, you should call the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s 24-hour Consular Emergency Centre on 1 300 555 135, or +61 2 6261 3305 if calling from overseas,” she said.


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