Peru's Congress ousts cabinet

Peru's government could soon face new elections after the congress passed a vote of no confidence in it.

Peru's opposition-controlled Congress has ousted President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski's cabinet in a vote of no-confidence, pitching the country into its worst political crisis in years.

In a gamble that will likely force him to scrap his plans to travel abroad later in the day, Kuczynski had dared Congress on Wednesday to revoke its confidence in his cabinet if it insisted on forcing out his second education minister.

Under Peru's constitution, if Congress does not deliver a president a vote of confidence for his cabinets twice, the president can call new elections.

But the right-wing populist opposition party Popular Force, led by Keiko Fujimori, answered Prime Minister Fernando Zavala's request on Thursday to back his cabinet with a resounding 'no.'
Kuczynski now has 72 hours to swear in a new cabinet. While he cannot name Zavala as prime minister again, Kuczynski can reappoint other ministers in his cabinet.

The vote came on the eve of Kuczynski's 8-day trip abroad, which includes plans for dinner with US President Donald Trump on Monday, a speech before the UN General Assembly on Tuesday and a meeting with Pope Francis in the Vatican.


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