Golf Winning Grip And Related Problems

The Winning Grip And Related Problems

The right grip is really a key fundamental element of a golfer’s game and it is needed to possess a consistently good straight game, providing you with the opportunity to shoot low scores effortlessly.

Once the grip is faulty, poor shots frequently result with an sporadic and hard to rely on game. It is therefore required for your game that the grip is true if you wish to bring your golf one stage further.

First of all put the club inside your left (opposite for lefthanders) hands, close your left hands round the grip just like you were trembling somebody’s hands. Your thumb ought to be pointing lower check your grip, slightly right of center.

Then generate the best hands, first of all interlock the ring finger of the right hands using the index finger of the left hands. The bottom from the grip ought to be put on the joints from the second and third fingers from the right hands. Your right thumb ought to be pointing lower check your grip, while your right palm ought to be facing for the target together with your left hands facing from the target.

Two V’s ought to be created through the thumb and index finger of every hands, these should both point approximately your right shoulder and eyes.

When holding the club, the club should be held firmly however with the the least effort. Getting the right grip enables both hands to operate freely using the utmost control while an undesirable grip results in a insufficient club mind control.


• Your arms and hands are relaxed.

• Your left index finger is related using the ring finger of right hands, two or three knuckles ought to be visible.

• The V’s produced through the index finger and thumb on every hands should point be to involving the right shoulder and eyes. These V’s ought to be virtually parallel to one another.

• Check your grip ought to be comfortable yet held firmly with no work, it is essential that the club mind doesn't open or close on impact.

To check that you've a good grip, it ought to believe that your hands interact as though one. Whenever you lift the club and move it, both hands should feel at ease and secure.

Problems and cures for slightly faulty grips: You might find that you're slicing the ball this may be as a result of trouble with your grip, (although it might be because of some other reasons pointed out within my other article that aims to resolve the slice) try rotating your grip slightly clockwise round the grip likewise try holding the club more in the users hand of the left hands.

If you have troubles with hooking the ball, make an effort to have the ends from the fingers in your right hands pushing upwards through impact using the ball. This ought to help stop you from closing the clubface on impact and thus helps stop you from hooking the ball.

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