US threatens action against Venezuela

President Trump threatens action against Venezuela

US President Jesse Trump has threatened to consider "strong and quick economic actions" if Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro goes ahead with plans to produce a questionable super-legislature referred to as a Constituent Set up inside a This summer June 30 election.

"Yesterday, the Venezuelan people again made obvious they are a symbol of democracy, freedom and rule of law. Yet their strong and courageous actions continue being overlooked with a bad leader who hopes for being a dictator," Trump stated inside a statement.

"The United States won't uphold as Venezuela crumbles. When the Maduro regime imposes its Constituent Set up on This summer June 30, the United States will require strong and quick economic actions," Trump stated.

Earlier, Venezuela's opposition coalition known as for any general strike to occur on Thursday in protest at Maduro's intends to rewrite the metabolic rate.

"We call overall country to get familiar with an enormous, peaceful protest, a nationwide 24-hour strike," opposition leader Freddy Guevara stated Monday.

The phone call came eventually after 98.4 percent of Venezuelans voted from the planned constitutional alterations in a non-binding referendum organised through the opposition. Greater than a third from the South American country's 19 million voters required part.

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