Shell Model; Don't Go Overboard


A lady has expressed regret in the antics of several men that were pictured kissing and doing other activities to life-sized card board cutouts of herself placed at shell gas stations nationwide.

The pictures, that have gone viral on social networking, have angered many those who have accused the boys to be obscene and sexist.

Nor Shafila Khairusalleh, 25, stated she'd unlikely the "standees" of herself, that have been designed to brighten the stations, to draw in such conduct.

"When they did such things as putting their hands within the eyes, pulling in the nose or hugging the cutout, I'm able to still take in the fact that its only a poster.

"But it goes overboard whether it points towards sexual conduct.

"They could just be messing around, however i feel humiliated although it is simply a cutout of me," Nor Shafila told mStar, The Star's Malay portal, reported few days ago.

She stated that they hadn't taken the "mischievous" actions from the men seriously initially.

Nor Shafila, a manager at a shell gas station in Perak, stated her husband wasn't comfortable seeing such however that he understood the actual situation.

"They are just pictures, and so i can not be very angry.I simply hope that nobody takes such pictures again.You are able to joke, try not to transform it into something negative," she added.

She stated that, individuals have advised her to lodge police reports or file suit the "perpetrators," adding that they would contemplate it when the situation continues.

Nor Shafila grew to become well-known following a cutout of herself holding a standard water bottle went viral on social networking.

She later "made an appearance" in cutouts that promoted shell fuel.

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