Macau Scam Syndicate Has Duped Victims of Millions


A Macau Scam syndicate has duped victims in excess of RM2.74mil, using Voice over ip (Voice over internet protocol) technology to duplicate the phone quantity of the Penang police headquarters to disadvantage victims.

No less than 82 people had get scammed by the scam since Feb this year.

The syndicate used a 3-floor bungalow since it's training center prior to the people were deployed to Japan, Cambodia, Thailand along with other Parts of asia.

On Saturday, the syndicate was crippled by police following a arrest of fifty people, including three women.

Penang Commercial Crime Analysis Department (CCID) chief Asst Comm Abdul Ghani Ahmad stated the suspects, aged between 17 and 42, were arrested in the bungalow in Taman Damai Utama in Puchong, Selangor, at approximately 8am.

“Intelligence gathering was transported out for around per month as we received a police report from the lady in Balik Pulau, who transferred RM5,000 for an account provided by the scammers,” he told a press conference in the condition police headquarters in Penang Road yesterday.

“She was told that her banking account could be frozen by Bank Negara Malaysia.

“The scammers guaranteed to return back the cash to her in few days later after the ‘investigations’, but she didn't get her money-back.

ACP Abdul Ghani stated police investigations says among the suspects would pose like a bank officer and tell the victim that she or he were built with a loan having a particular bank.

When the victim denied it, the fraudster will give them the phone number of the “Bank Negara officer” - another fraudster - to look into the claim.

Individuals who're still not convinced would then get a call from 04-222 1522, which made an appearance is the general type of the condition police headquarters but have been replicated or cloned using Voice over internet protocol technology to look as a result.

ACP Abdul Ghani added that another fraudster, pretending to be a CCID officer, would then tell the victim that their banking account have been misused for criminal activities and it was frozen pending analysis.

“The fraudster will ask the victim to transfer money to some specific account, and that might be the final they see of the money,” he stated.

ACP Abdul Ghani added that 82 reports were lodged nationwide about this scam to date this season.

He stated police also grabbed five cell phones, a laptop, photocopied MyKad, photocopied passports, some scripts on which to state when pretending to be a officer and bank officer, and 31 Malaysian passports.

“We will also be checking when the mastermind was one of the suspects arrested,” he stated.

ACP Abdul Ghani added the suspects were remanded for 3 days until today and could be introduced towards the Balik Pulau court for remand extension pending investigations under Section 420 from the Penal Code for cheating.

Nobody knows how the term “Macau Scam” came into existence used.

However, former Interpol president Tan Sri Khoo Boon Hui continues to be quoted as stating that the scam apparently originated in Macau and it was operated using their company countries for example Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand.

Another version circulating could be that the first victims were in Macau, however the Macau enforcement authorities declined to comment.

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