Indonesia Government Block Access to Telegram

Indonesia Government's Telegram ban 'ineffective'

Indonesia's proceed to block the use of popular messaging service Telegram is going to do little to curb extremist activity, with hardliners already announcing it's encouraged these to 'hold a dagger rather of the cellphone', experts say.

Telegram had an excessive amount of content promoting radicalism, extremism and "hate belief" and must be blocked to guard the "integrity" from the republic, Indonesia's communication ministry announced on Friday.

The internet form of the messaging service can't be utilized within the archipelago, with formulations also to shut lower the applying if the organization doesn't prepare standard operating procedures, the federal government stated.

But analyst using the Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict (IPAC) Nava Nuraniyah stated it'll create more challenges.

"Contrary it can make the extremists a lot more creative than ever before, they keep finding new platforms (to make use of)," she told a panel discussion in the Jakarta Foreign Correspondents Club on Monday.

Infiltration, she stated, was more "realistic and urgent" and also the government should try to identify and pre-plan ISIS systems on Telegram.

One Telegram group, going named PT Unikiller using the tagline 'Killing the future', mentioned the ban would be a "warning/whip" on their behalf.

"To ensure that starting to carry a dagger, bayonet, sword and revolver ... rather of holding a mobile phone," it noted.

While Indonesian IS militant Bahrun Naim, is known to make use of Telegram to make contact with Indonesians from Syria, Ms Nuraniyah stated most people associated with extremist groups used the applying for gossip instead of terrorist plots.

"It might be just like a support group. In some instances it replaces a person's circle of relatives, mainly in the instance where a person's household is against their decision to participate radical groups."

They discuss "hot jihadis", share recipes and purchase clothes and lingerie, she added.

Telegram's Chief executive officer Pavel Durov stated on Sunday the ministry had contacted all of them with a summary of public channels with terrorism related content but his team was "not able to rapidly process" them.

Individuals channels are actually blocked which is developing "a passionate group of moderators with understanding from the Indonesian language and culture so that you can process reports of terrorist related content more rapidly and precisely."

Telegram, he added, had "more than 5 million users in Indonesia.

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