‘Dota 2’ Tournament Plans Out

"Dota 2" Championship 

Famous because of its multi-billion dollar world titles, whose prize pool swells compared to fan contributions, Dota 2 will prove to add a tier of Minor tournaments to the existing Majors.

The Valve Corporation, a Washington game company behind Half-Lfe, Portal, and also the Dota 2 phenomenon, is getting ready to unveil a brand new tier of tournaments after August 2017's worldwide titles.

Though its player count might be lower compared to Tencent's League of leagues (Lol), and play is fixed to Mac, PC and Linux (where Tencent's apparent League of leagues derivative Strike of Nobleman targets tablets and smartphones), Dota 2 is just about the most prominent game when it comes to eSports earnings.

Under Valve's new rules, Major tournaments will boast prize pools USD500,000 (RM2.15mil) and upwards, with Valve then adding an identical sum, the organization announced inside a This summer July 3 blog publish.

The brand new tier of Minors, which may be organized by organizations, holds nearer to an USD150,000 (RM645,510) prize fund, with Valve again adding an identical amount.

Qualified tournaments must have an worldwide flavour, because Valve expects to determine representation from teams located in all of its regions - The United States, China, East Asia, Europe, South America, and also the CIS.

Tying these tournaments together is a point-based ranking that reflects the performance histories of person players, no matter which team these were at when earning individuals points.

Allocations will also be weighted in a way regarding preserve the significance of the Dota 2 centerpiece event, The Worldwide, whose participants is going to be asked to go to according to team points totals.

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